I run on coffee and inspiration

Meet the Designer

Grafix Unlimited is owned by myself, Cathy Graham. Over 30 years of design background and business entreprenuership provides me a unique perspective on design, marketing and how both relate to your business success.

Working as an independent freelance designer, rather than as part of a large design studio, gives me the opportunity to partner with a select number of clients, creating relationships that are mutually beneficial to both myself and client. This allows me the freedom to work on projects I find interesting, challenging and stimulating and provides my clients the benefit of working with a designer who is personally interested in their project, dedicated to having their project succeed and focused on creating and maintaining lasting client relationships. This selectivity and personal relationships that I build with my clients ensures that every project gets the individual attention it deserves.

Not every project or client is a good fit with me and my services. Evaluating each project on an individual basis, and each client on a personal basis gives me the insight required to determine if the project is something I am able to and willing to take on. A congruous relationship between designer and client is essential for a good working relationship. I hope that each of my prospective clients will evaluate, personally, whether I am the correct designer for their needs, as I will evaluate whether each client and project is correct for mine.

Because I work freelance, many times my current project schedule will determine my ability to accept new projects, both from existing clients and from new ones. Because I attempt to keep every project on track and on schedule, I expect the same focus from my clients. When I take on a project, both client and I will determine the timeline for completion, set any deadlines well ahead of time, and will provide each other with requested materials in a timely manner. My projects are scheduled on a first-in / first-out basis. Rush requests are accommodated when possible, but prior planning on both my part and on the client’s part is essential. This allows all projects to progress as outlined.

About the Cost

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from prospective clients is “How much…?” A very valid question, but one that should be addressed only after all the particulars of a project are determined.

My focus is goal based, targeted design. Price will invariably be determined by each project’s goals and features. Before taking on any advertising or marketing project, you should have a budget in mind – an amount that you feel comfortable in spending. You should also have in mind what features or special items that you want included in your design project, Frequently, the budget does not always allow for all the features you may have in mind.


My job is to meld the realities of budget with the dreams of features.

Sometimes that means reality is harsher than you’d like it to be and some dreams have to remain, well,  just dreams. We will work together to create a harmonious blending of reality and dreams.

When price IS the goal and the biggest feature to be considered, then it is a project I will more than likely turn down.

Many different factors can effect the price of a project, and before any realistic proposal can be given for a particular project, there must be a lot of communication regarding exactly what you, the client, is looking for from the project. If a client is focused solely on cost and not willing to negotiate on the price and features required to make the project a success, then I will probably pass on the project in lieu of other projects that are a better fit. This goes back to my commitment to cultivate lasting and mutually profitable client/designer relationships.

I do not work based on “canned” prices. With every project I will give you a realistic quote for specific work to be performed. You will know:

  • Exactly what your project will cost
  • Exactly what you will get for that cost
  • Exactly what you will be be required to contribute to the project
  • Exactly when the project is to be completed (provided that all milestones have been met by both designer and client along the way)

Each project is customized based on the goals and needs of the client.

If you have an upcoming project that you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me and see if we can partner on that project.